How Am I Surviving Self-Isolation?

While I allowed myself to unwind a little bit, I couldn’t resist & hold myself back from keeping a sight on the regular views that I began to get on my first blog. Thanks to social media, as for now the blog traffic is all Facebook & Instagram driven. SEO tactics are LITERALLY driving me nuts. They say you got to bone up reading, to drive a decent google traffic. Now that is plenty of work! — And I am definitely not someone with a grounded disposition. In fact, I am a person who’s head is usually up roaming around in the clouds like it’s home. So I need a slow & quiet way to navigate myself out of my daydreams. Yes, folks! You might even want to deem it ritualistic! – my thing, very usual.

So – Surviving self-quarantine?! – Sleeping & sleeping more? Or maybe, mastering up your culinary skills? It goes without saying that the same situation is here around. We are all turning into master chefs with the passage of time, aren’t we? We’re all on the same boat, all aboard – Hah! (Grinning squinting face Emoji

Strange how an invisible illness has strapped us all in this together. A germ so small & ‘insignificant’ has shaken the whole wide world. I am pretty sure of the fact that we are the generation who would be talked about forever. Unknowingly, we are making HISTORY! We are living in the most difficult times but we are the people who will be written in the books about. About how the economies in countries got hit so badly, how the doctors stood in-front on their toes to save lives of thousands of people dying every day, how the prolonged home-bound social distancing affected people’s psychological state and how the medical research institutes worldwide worked day and night continuously to invent a medicine/vaccine to cure this invisible disease! Humans, we are the once in a century kind of people!

I often wonder if this is what this big blue ball wants from us? Humans confined to their homes, nature reclaiming itself & marine life recovering on its own?! – It is actually really fascinating to know that even the Ozone layer is healing on its own due to less pollution out in the air. Now that is an amazing piece of news!

But, back to the dilemma— people are dying, dying in heavy numbers. This is so heartbreaking! 

Besides this painful realisation, here I am in a puzzled state. I can’t help but get caught in the whirlwind of my (not-so-likely-to-be-accomplished) plans spinning around in my head for this upcoming summer – Thanks to COVID-19! — As for now, only focusing on reading & writing goals & this amazing blogging world that I have stepped into! (Heart-heart!)

To be honest, I am so done with this extremely spontaneous – particularly random – sometimes delightful – sometimes outright lame feed of mine! You read it right. I’m done – D-O-N-E – done scrolling over social media posts with no productive outcome. It’s time I mark a full stop here! 

It’s time I begin to write. Write something fun, something worthy, or knowledgeable, admirable, or ethical? Maybe I should share about myself more, about how so far I have dealt with my thoughts, sorted my self-created mental mess, and how I gradually learned to become a realist forever!

Interestingly, I have always & always loved writing. I have had diaries & notebooks when I was little. I was also a kid who always had a thing for “technology” and “gadgets”.  It was amazing how those personal diaries got digitalized when the computers first came in. It was back in the 90s when I learned to make small little diary notes inside a ‘Window paint box’ – That was a self-applauding moment for the little me. Now, 20 years later if I see, we have a million writing platforms available, considering ‘notes’ option in phones, blogs on social media & even owned personalized webs too! – Incredible changes! 

Perhaps, my preference for writing never faded and here I am, striking back again to it. Ting-ting!

As a newbie blogger, setting aside my daydreaming-idealistic mindset for a little while I’ll be frank and admit that I don’t currently have a plan set in stone. Perhaps this blog will simply be a good time-killing project that I plan to take on ahead with me! However, I can’t make any guarantees about its outcome. I’m just heading where it takes me to. Following the lead!

I have to admit all of this upfront, to both you and me that exchanging or putting out ideas/stories on a public platform for reality is a freaking big challenge, especially for a person like me who loves to stay shell-bound. Possibly, I would appear on your feed a little less than usual. Whenever, maybe, I’d feel the need to peep out on things, you might find this creature coming out of its shell!

Keeping that in mind, I aim to defy my own opinions & thoughts. I am definitely looking into penning down my personal experiences & stories along with the usual blog content.

While I learn to pacify this whirlwind inside my head regarding my plans for this summer, you might want to share yours too?

Here, in the comments below. 👇 — I’ll be glad to interact!

Until next time, my friend! 🙂

The Journey Begins!

Breaking into the world of blogging!

Welcome to my journey! I guess the best start is the ‘About me’ bit. So let’s get started with this one. It will please some of you to know that I am the first blogging writer in the family. Yes! – My name is Erum Baloch. I am just an ordinary person like you all with a bit of strange and crazy habits mixed into one. I just turned 29 last December! No wonder I feel pretty old now! – Let me just rephrase it again. I am ‘aging gracefully’ with overloaded maturity. Please don’t mock me over this. Okay? 

Tell me more? Don’t really want to bore you with my self-obsession stories, but this is important. I finished my Accountancy studies back in 2016 and I have remained as a former banker in the past. Currently working on my content writing skills, freelancing & focusing on buying my very own domain name.

What’s my blog about? I have that itch, like since I was very small. I’ve had it for many years now. GUILTY! I’ve told myself I do not have time. There have been more personal reasons mixed in there too, but my biggest one was I am not good enough or people might judge. You know we all have insecurities?! — Productive ideas. Good content creation. Fear of failure. Getting yourself worked down on knees AND avoiding emojis while I write. Huh, what’s that?! 

Well, I am going to scratch that itch and explore all things writing. I am all up for a self-experiment. Questioning my ability to write. Trying ‘Ask, Learn and Try’ strategy – Writing it for myself, to explore this hidden talent or just for fun maybe?!

But wait. What can I blog about? ‘Anything & everything’ – I welcome your suggestions to help me pick the topics. Come, support my journey into the world of an amateur writer! – Drop down your comments below, the feedback is DEFINITELY appreciated or reach out so we can work together. I am up for some chit chat & collaborations!

Erum Baloch

Exist. Experience. Fall. Get back up!